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Goodbye Kent & Bristol Begins

Moved from Folkestone in Kent to Bristol in Bristol (or in Avon or Gloucester or is it Somerset), In January 2014, to seek fame and fortune but instead I've ended up working in a call centre. After staying in hostels the first month i found a small room in Stokes Croft and my journey to establish myself as an Art Super Power can begin.
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In a Gallery at last

Dave Does BlogPosted by dave 14 Dec, 2015 13:43

Its only taken a year and half since moving to Bristol and harassing galleries but finally a gallery has thrown me a bone. A small meter by 40 cm bone but a bone none the less. I'm showing the above picture and hopefully afew bits and pieces in the future. You can check out the gallery (Its all 2 Much Gallery) along Gloucester Road (Stokes Croft) its their Xmas show, and they have a nice website to look at.

Anyway The last full moon market is on this coming Saturday 19/12/15 so I hope to see you all there, If you have read this then just tell me when you see me at the market, and I'll let you choose a free signed limited edition print for Xmas.
The only reason I do this is not for Xmas cheer/spirit its because I don't think anyone reads this blog so stay tuned for more giveaways.

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